Why OneConnect?

In modern day logistics, information is critical. E ective supply chains gain competitive advantage by ensuring that information ow between trading partners timely, accurate and reliable.

Companies that can take advantage of the data within their supply chains are empowered to make proactive strategic decisions that drive bene t to their customers are their bottom line.

What is OneConnect?

OneConnect is service offered by One Global Logistics that delivers the ‘Why’. As your logistics partner we hold in our system signi cant amounts of information relating to your business, in particular your shipments.

Similarly, in order for us to deliver effective logistics services – we need data that is within your system.

Often this information is exchanged via email, PDF or reports. This requires manual interaction with the data. This manual interaction increases costs, reduces immediacy of access and can lead to re-keying errors.

One Connects creates the ability to leverage the data in our systems by integrating them. Exchanging data directly between systems.


  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Increase Timeliness
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Costs

What can be Sent?

  • Job Data (Shipments)
  • Milestone Data
  • Documents
  • Events

How It Works

Our technical team with work with you to manage the project, from creating the links between our systems, translating the les from each system, configuring our system and training our operations team.

Data flows from your system, is electronically converted, and then automatically uploaded into our system. For two way integrations, we apply the same in reverse.


Need Help with OneConnect?

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