Importing Façade and Glass Curtain Wall materials

Direct Import Procurement Model vs Local Outsource for Supply and Install

Pro’s & Con’s for the Direct Import Procurement Model.

For the direct import model :

  • A minimum of 30% + cost saving off materials , especially in unitized curtain wall product from local supply and install
  • Deal directly with the manufacturer(s)
  • Design and innovation options at the coal face
  • Manage the supply chain and scope of works contract internally
  • Ability to scale up or down on the purchase and payment of materials
  • Ability to JV where appropriate on projects with the off shore supplier
  • Cut out the “middle man” procurement model
  • Push risk back to the manufacture on warranty and supply items
  • Ability to tender for more opportunities on a national / international scale
  • Myriad of world class manufacturing companies off shore with an appetite to access new opportunities in the Australian market
  • The supplier packages up the materials pricing including freighting and insurance costs ( CIF sale ) to Port- Freight & Import Cost Transparency
  • Opportunity to engage & collaborate with One Global Logistics with an outsourced logistics model to undertake import customs clearance , materials management and logistics to site(s) under a scope of work agreement direct from

Against :

  • Admin costs to manage the import and logistics for each project
  • Supply chain risk of cost variations
  • Currency Risk ( unless you take our longer term FX Contracts )
  • Warranty issues to be addressed / materials risk
  • Both Installation and Logistics to be managed separately
  • Little or no local representation from the manufacturer side in Australia
  • Costs to manage the QA in earlier stages of material and supply development
  • Uncertainty around Import documentation and timing

Summary :

It is evident that due to the building and construction boom throughout Australia that construction companies and their clients are becoming more sophisticated in their procurement strategy which is now extending into facade materials and more sophisticated design and fabrication being done off shore. Construction Companies are all looking for a competitive edge nowadays in cost , design and timely delivery to market.   The contracts  and estimating personnel skill-set is certainly becoming more sophisticated and educated with the understanding and communications with off shore suppliers and vice versa. There are several large Chinese multinational facade manufactures whom are already undertaking a direct supply model to several tier one and two builders and also entertaining joint venture opportunities to gain market share and open up new supply opportunities throughout Australia.   Glass Import Logistics is a specialized logistics enterprise partnering with construction companies who source facade , curtain wall , windows and doors directly from off shore and require a seamless and cost competitive import supply chain , customs clearance and materials management delivery solution. With over 1 Million SQM of curtain wall and facade materials imported over the last 5 years we offer a unique and trusted solution for both suppliers and importers alike.

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Glass Import Logistics  International Freight and Customs, Logistics contact: James Sparke

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